Swing Basics Instructional Series
4-Disc DVD Set

Grab Your Copy to Learn and Practice:
Yuval and Nathalie
DVD 1: Swing for the Total Beginner
DVD 2: Basic Swing Combinations
DVD 3: Beyond Swing Basics
DVD 4: Dips and Tricks

Bringing you clear and very detailed instruction! When you need a break from the lesson, sit back, relax and enjoy the funny out-takes and award-winning performances (2 in each DVD, 4 different ones total). Don’t forget to share them with your friends!

This series can help you:

  • Go from Beginner to Intermediate in 4 hours of video instruction. Take the time to play, pause, practice and rewind when necessary.
  • Gain confidence both on and off the dance floor.
  • Establish a foundation of basic skills that can be used in any social dance.
  • Learn a fun, lifelong activity that promotes aerobic fitness and burn calories.
  • They were video taped, edited & designed by professionals.

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