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Friday Night Dance Hall

November 13th
8:30pm-10:30pm EST


Carla Crowen (Heiney) teaches

Steffen Zeichner

Alexandria DeWalt sings

& Presenters

& Presenters

Yuval Hod
Gypsy Juls
Didier Jean-Francois
Corvidious IX

Enter the Dance Hall

Fridays 8:30pm-10:30pm

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Special Guest Instructor

Carla Crowen Heiney
live from PA

Friday, November 13th 8:30pm– 9:30pm ET

Carla Crowen (Heiney) has been teaching Lindy Hop and other forms of Vintage swing dancing for over 15 years. She lays claim to some of the most prestigious competition titles including American Lindy Hop Champion, US Open Lindy Hop Champion, World Lindy Hop Champion, and International Lindy Hop Champion.  She has also choreographed for the well-known and well-loved hit dance show, “So You Think You Can Dance.”  In 2011 Carla was creative director for a new hit dance show featuring several full-sized orchestras and professional dancers entitled “Let’s Dance” which toured parts of the US and Canada. Recently, Carla Crowen placed second in the "All Star Luck of the Draw" at the prestigious International Lindy Hop Championships in 2018.
She has traveled all over the world teaching dance including numerous times at the infamous Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden.  She has performed on the prestigious stages of Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center. Social dancing and teaching are passions for Carla and she thinks that learning to dance is something everyone is capable of doing. She has an amazing ability to communicate movement and partnering in her teaching. Her dancing is grounded in technique and improvisation which coincides with the jazz music she loves to dance to. Carla is an avid fan of having fun while learning and not taking yourself too seriously.  Carla relocated to Pennsylvania and has been working hard on creating a new, up and coming swing dance community there including a wonderful dance group known as “The SugarSnaps!” If you are ever in the Central PA area, go visit them at

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Zoom Meeting ID: 867 4395 1854
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Dance to Live Jazz!

5 String Swing brings you live music featuring violinist Steffen Zeichner

Fridays 9:30pm– 10:30pm EDT

🎻Steffen Zeichner is a creative violinist who actively performs jazz, classical, klezmer, and a variety of other genres.

A native of Gainesville, Florida, Steffen currently plays with several ensembles and orchestras throughout the South Florida area. He is the leader of 5 String Swing, a lively jazz violin led band that regularly presents shows of Jazz, Swing, and American Standards.

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Plus a Performance

Special Guest Performance

featuring Alexandria DeWalt

Live from Miami

Alexandria DeWalt is originally from Houston, TX but is currently studying Jazz Voice and Political Science at the University of Miami. Not only is she a vocalist, but she has also studied both jazz and classical flute. Over the years, Alexandria has had the opportunity to play with the likes of Ellis Marsalis, Solange Knowles, Ingrid Jensen, Kirk Whalum, and many others.


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Watch Dance Halls


COVID-19 Community Forum

with Bradley James Rogers & more!

8:30pm– 9:30pm(ish) EDT

Real Questions. Real Conversations. Find out the how the South Florida swing dance community is dealing with and progressing during this pandemic. Ask questions, see stats, and talk to health care workers.


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Testing Locations in Miami Dade

Zoom Meeting ID: 334-685-715
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    Once you allow Zoom to access your camera, the meetings are set to automatically have your camera turned on. This is so we can see you, practice together, and break moves down a little more where we see there is a general difficulty or a question (just like REAL class!).

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  • Music during class

    Check the class section for a Spotify link to a special playlist for each day! This way if internet is lagging, you can always turn us down and play the music at home.

During these hard times, we must do what we can to protect the local dance community and postpone large gatherings until we can ensure your safety. The reality is COVID-19 could easily spread throughout our dance community. If we do what we can now (i.e. consistent hand washing, social distancing, limiting exposure to large crowds) community spread can be reduced dramatically.

Stay tuned on social and check your inboxes for future plans, as we will collaborate with the rest of the community and continue to create dance opportunities during this difficult time.

If anyone falls ill please call the COVID-19 Call Center available 24/7
+1 (866) 779-6121 or email

The Swungover quick guide to coping with COVID – 19