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Get inspired from the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s & 50’s!

at Miami Baila Calle 8 Dance Studio
760 SW 10th Avenue, Miami, FL

No one else in Florida comes close to teaching, dancing, and having the knowledge of all the different styles that make up swing: lindy hop, charleston, balboa, fast lindy, 6-count vs 8-count moves, jazz steps and aerials (dance acrobatics).

Yuval Hod and Gypsy Juls teach around the world, and are known for being able to break down complex movements and teach precise technique. Yuval has coached and choreographed multiple award-winning routines for couples and teams, and teaches all levels— from beginners to professionals. More about Yuval & Juls >>

Whether you’re a total beginner or want to enhance your Lindy hop dance knowledge & skills— don’t miss the next session with All Swing Miami!

Learn to Swing Dance with




in Miami, FL


Pre-Intermediate Swing
7pm-8pm (Level 2 & up)

Pre-Intermediate Swing

Learn more 6, 8 and 10-count patterns with a focus on building your dancing vocabulary and technique. No partner required.

Prerequisite: Level 1 (must know triple steps and basic 6-count patterns).
No partner required.

Lindy Hop/Swing
8pm-9pm (Level 2 & up)

Lindy Hop/Swing

This class will focus on swing out fundamentals (8 count patterns) and 30s/40s Charleston. No partner required.

*Prerequisite: Level 1 (must have knowledge of triple steps & basic 6-count patterns). Should be taken with the Pre-Intermediate Swing class.

9pm-10pm (Level 3 & up)

Int/Adv Lindy Variations

Adding footwork and variations to Lindy moves.
*Prerequisite: Must be comfortable with swing outs and completed several sessions of Level 2.

If you are not sure if this class is for you, please call or text 858-4DANCE4


Swing Basics
7pm-8pm (Level 1 & up)

Swing Basics

Get a solid foundation and framework while learning six-count patterns from 4 x World Champion, Yuval Hod and his All Swing team. No partner or prerequisites required!

20s Charleston
8pm-9pm (All Levels)

20s Charleston

Learn and practice the dance that gave birth to Lindy Hop! Burn calories in this class while learning eight-count solo and partner moves. We will cover Charleston moves and history from the 1920's. No partner or prerequisites required!

9pm-10:15pm (Level 2 & up)


Learn, practice, and master aerial steps with the aerial master, 4 x World Champion, Yuval Hod and his All Swing team. In this class, each couple (or thruple) will be safely working on mastering a dance acrobatic move through precise technique, slowly moving through and dissecting the movements, and finally practicing dancing in and out of the aerial.

*Prerequisite: Must basic swing dance knowledge, have a partner, and be pre-approved to register.


* Class passes are non-transferrable to future sessions and must be taken within the session of purchase.

Swing Dance Classes


SINGLE CLASS (a la carte)

Try it out and put towards a package deal!

1 class/hour

Six-Week Class Passes



6 Classes for 6 weeks

1 class/week



12 Classes for 6 weeks

2 classes/week



18 Classes for 6 weeks

3 classes/week



4-5 Classes for 6 weeks

up to 30 classes/week

Five-Week Class Passes



5 Classes for 5 weeks

1 class/week



10 Classes for 5 weeks

2 classes/week



15 Classes for 5 weeks

3 classes/week



4-5 Classes for 5 weeks

up to 25 classes/week

Aerials Classes


SINGLE CLASS (a la carte)

1 class

Pricing is per person. Partner required.



6 Classes for 6 weeks

Pricing is per person. Partner required and must be pre-approved.


REGISTRATION CLOSES AFTER WEEK 2. You must register and pay for a single class or a package deal before joining the class. The first single class can be put towards a package deal. If you join after the 2nd week, you must take a private lesson in order to catch up. Classes are non-transferable to other sessions apart from a positive COVID test.

If you have a positive COVID test, we will credit your class to a future session.



Is there parking available? Yes, there is metered parking along the street and parking garages close by.

Can I jump into any class, anytime? Our classes are progressive, so we only allow someone to join within the first two weeks. If you missed the first week, you can still join in the second week. After that, you must contact us in order to determine if you can still join. This will depend on and is limited to studio space, your level and the class level.

Private Lessons Available

Call or message: 858-4DANCE4 (858-432-6234)

What to Wear Dancers' Guide

What to Wear, When and Where:

For Dance Classes: Comfortable clothes and flat shoes are the best for swing dance classes. Remember, you are practicing, not performing! For beyond-beginner students, adding dance socks (or just no-show "footsies" socks") over your shoes help for swivels, slides and beyond-the-basics moves on stickier floors (not necessary at Miami Baila studio).

For Aerials Classes: Athletic clothes and sneakers are strongly recommended. A t-shirt and long pants should be your base, and pack a long-sleeved shirt. Remember, you will be repeating a move many times. Anywhere there is skin-on-skin contact can start to leave that "rug burn" effect after repetitions. Comfortable, supportive sneakers are important for being a solid base and for jumping & landing.

For Dances: This is where we encourage to dress up, especially if there is a band. DJ'd dance socials are a little more casual, but if there's an excuse to dress dapper, dances are the place for it!

Always good to bring: A towel, change of garment top, and deodorant is recommended to pack in your dancer bag, especially in Florida! We like to strive to be as fresh and hygienic as possible when partner dancing 😉 It's also good to have a second pair of shoes that have a different sole (like leather/suede bottoms vs grippy sneaker bottoms). Each dance floor is different and can change in stickiness depending on floor type, humidity, and other factors.

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