5 Stars

❝I attend Swing Basics, Charleston, and Swing/Lindy Combos classes with Yuval and Julija.

They are the best trainers I have ever had in my entire life! I’m learning so much. The classes are so fun and provide tremendous value.

They teach details that are changing my entire dancing experience. They are so passionate and put their heart into work. They also perfectly balance being technical and creating an enjoyable learning experience. We laugh a lot. It is not only dancing. It’s therapy for the soul.

I feel that in two weeks, I have learned much more than in the past three years. I am not only learning moves, but I am learning to understand the dance. Its history and structure. It’s like a language. You can learn a few phrases, but if you don’t understand how this language is constructed, you won’t progress much. But when you do, this changes everything! So this is exactly how I feel. And I highly recommend it to everyone!❞

— Maya N.