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Put a Swing in Your Step

Get inspired from the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s & 50’s!

We are currently looking for a new dance home in Miami. Due to this, weekly group classes are suspended until further notice.

No one else in Florida comes close to teaching, dancing, and having the knowledge of all the different styles that make up swing: lindy hop, charleston, balboa, fast lindy, 6-count vs 8-count moves, jazz steps and aerials (dance acrobatics).

Yuval Hod and Gypsy Juls teach around the world, and are known for being able to break down complex movements and teach precise technique. Yuval has coached and choreographed multiple award-winning routines for couples and teams, and teaches all levels— from beginners to professionals. More about Yuval & Juls >>

Whether you’re a total beginner or want to enhance your Lindy hop dance knowledge & skills— don’t miss the next session with All Swing Miami!