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Schedule of Progressive Group Classes

at iDance Miami Studio  |  2699 Biscayne Blvd, Ste 4, Miami, FL

Put a swing in your step and get inspired from the 1920’s 30’s 40’s and 50’s!

Yuval and Juls teach around the world, and now you can get their knowledge and expertise here in South Florida! No one else in Florida comes close to teaching, dancing, and having the knowledge of all the different styles that make up swing: lindy hop, charleston, balboa, fast lindy, 6-count vs 8-count moves, and aerials (dance acrobatics).

Known for his award-winning performances and high-flying acrobatics, Yuval Hod is world-renowned for being able to break down complex movements and teach his students, precise technique. This has helped him coach beginner-level dancers into national champions. So whether you’re looking to compete or just be a bada** dancer — or just get the right basic foundation, don’t miss this session with All Swing Miami!


New Year Session:
Jan 20
| Jan 27 | Feb 03
Feb 17 | Feb 24 | March 02


Swing Basics
— Level 1 —

20's Charleston
— Open to all levels —



New Year Session:
Jan 21
| Jan 28 | Feb 04
Feb 18 | Feb 25 | March 03


Pre-Intermediate Swing (6 count)
— Level 2 —

Lindy Foundation (8 count)
— Level 2 & up —

Cool Moves & Variations
— Level 3* —

*Prerequisite at least one session of Level 2 or by invitation



New Year Session:
Jan 22
| Jan 29 | Feb 05
Feb 19 | Feb 20 | March 04


Choreography Class
— Level 4 & up* —

*Prerequisite: Have been in several Level 3 classes before, or by invitation


ALL SWING CLASS POLICY: You must register and pay for a single class or a package deal before joining the class. Avoid the wait— register online! If you join after the 2nd week, you must take a private lesson in order to catch up.


Is there parking available? Yes, there is a parking lot right after you drive by the studio. It's free to park for dance students. There is also metered street parking if the lot is full.

What type of shoes & clothes should I wear? Comfortable clothes and flat shoes are the best for swing dance classes. Remember, you are practicing, not performing! For beyond-beginner students, adding dance socks (or just no-show "footsies" socks") over your shoes help for swivels, slides and beyond-the-basics moves.

Swing Dance Socials & Events

Get ready for a weekend full with free live bands, classes, performances and dance socials from Friday—Sunday!

January 17th–19th

@ Ocean Drive, South Beach

It's the longest running free community cultural festival in Miami Beach, and this year we'll have a special schedule just for swing dancers and those who love dance! There will be live jazz, swing dance classes, performances and dj socials. Plus guided walking tours, antique promenade, a Women's Suffrage Centennial Parade, special exhibitions, kids activities, ARF Deco Dog Walk and... it's also the largest classic car show in Miami Beach— with cars lined up all along Ocean Drive. It's a weekend not to miss!

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MDD Deco Swing Ball

Swing out with your sweetheart (and others) this Valentine's Day! Find out all of the details to the first Miami Design District Deco Swingball of the year!